when heroes fall

December 22, 2006 8:32am CST
when I was a kid I still remember when I can't wait for the day my lolo will come, I was always excited for candies, bread or any pasalubong he brings and when he goes, he gives us money after. It has always been like that, he comes to visit us, and give constant reminders on how not to be lazy or how to study hard inorder to reach our dreams.. I always thought that was funny, reminding us everytime..blah blah blah... of course I was a kid then,. my lolo is well, the usual lolo, he works hard, he is an educator, after working in school he goes home and work again., work work work and work, he goes to church on sundays.. he never stops, his energy never fails him, his heart condition doesn't stop him from doing anything., that's how my lolo is. until yesterday, I saw him after 6 months., he looks suddenly old, he looks frail now but his wisdom never seem to abandon him. I felt really bad seeing my lolo not in his usual work attire, seeing him in pain I feel the pain more, if i could I would like to take all the pain away from him but I know I couldn't. In the hospital, my lolo's usual reminder came, or I guess its called sermon, but this time, i took it seriously, this time, I want him to say all he wants to say, I want him to say it over and over again, I won't get tired, i will never be.. I'm looking forward to going home to listen to my lolo's words of wisdom again, but I know when I go home, I won't find a super energetic lolo anymore, instead i'll see him in bed, wary and sick,.but his words will always be treasured, always, it will always be in my heart. This time, i want to study harder, to reach my dream so that i will also be the one bringing home pasalubongs for my lolo when I get home.
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