Religion and War

@Astarte (812)
December 22, 2006 9:19am CST
In the course of history the reason of many conflict (maybe the most cause) was the religion. Why?
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9 Feb 07
People are very sensitive when it comes to two things- their religious beliefs and their political affiliation. People are very impassioned about their beliefs. I used to get very upset when people began to question my motives in so far as my spiritual beliefs and it was not until after they had known me for a little while that they started to understand that theirs was not the only and neither the right religion on the planet. Other peoples' spiritual beliefs are scary for some, a curiosity for others, but always something that will get people's blood boiling. Our religious beliefs define who we are in our souls, so when other believers from other belief systems question the validity of others' beliefs, it is almost as though we are being called phonies for it.