Can infertility ruin one's marriage?

@car0811 (184)
December 22, 2006 10:46am CST
I've been married for almost seven years and until now, I haven't conceived. For this reason, many people would sometimes made fun of me by asking hurtful personal questions like "Why is that so?", "Are you sterile?" or I am oftentimes the subject of their conversation whenever there's a social gathering. Before,My other half would even brand me names which were totally derogatory and would even make me cry myself to sleep. I told no one about what I was going through thinking that nobody would be able to help me ease the pain I was experiencing...and trying so much to understand him why he acted that way... It had been the reason most of the time of our endless fights..."Why are you not pregnant still?" those words would reverberate in my mind...I was experiencing so much emotional pain then...
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