Canada Post and their delivery slowness...

December 22, 2006 10:51am CST
I am more than annoyed with Canada Post right now. I have had packages mailed from the US , paid for their express service, and they still aren't here. Now I know Canada Post had hired some extra help for the holiday season, and so far I am not impressed with that. I mean would you be, if they left a handful of your packages on someone else's doorstep? Its lucky that our neighbours are honest, or I would have lost all of those packages. I did file a complaint with Canada Post, and I have heard nothing. And now I am missing some packages, and I hope to whatever god is out there, that they didn't do that again. And now with these packages missing, I am beginning to wonder.. I mean myself, I have mailed out several packages in the past month , and only a tiny handful of them have arrived. I am not impressed. You pay for air, they mail it surface. Not impressed one bit. And whats with them delaying Global Priority packages, when you PAY for the extra service? I mean I made sure I paid for this service, so my items would come before Christmas. But with their crappy service lately, I highly doubt that now. I understand it is the holiday season, and things slow down worse than a snail, but this has been going on for months now, and I for one am completely sick of it. I don't know who to complain to, because it seems if you complain to customer service, sure they put a complaint in, but nothing else happens. What would you do?
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@caraj444 (1080)
• Canada
23 Dec 06
I havent used Canada Post lately for the reasons youve stated the biggest being how slow they are but a good alternative can be greyhound, i have sent a lot of things through greyhound from one small package to 32 large boxes when we moved and have found there prices to be great and they always get there, ive only sent within canada and im not completly sure that greyhound goes into the states but its a good alternative for shipping within canada anyways.