Inspirational Business Story : Selling

December 22, 2006 12:15pm CST
Alaska Fridge Two business man were sent to Alaska to sell refridgerator. The first one giving up his job and said “Are you nuts? Alaska is snowy and freezing how the hell to sell refrigerator in this kind of place?”. The second one on the other hand said “I know people in Alaska take a long time to defreeze their food, so why not selling them refrigerator to store their food at the right temperature?” Africa shoe Two sales men were sent to Africa to sell shoes. Upon arrival, the first sales man turned around and went home immediately saying “Nobody in Africa is wearing shoes and therefore no market”. Second Sale man on the other hand was jumping in euphoria, telling his boss he had found the biggest market in the world where everyone in Africa has yet to buy a pair of shoes. He went on with his business and became a millionaire several years later. The first salesman saw failure while the second salesman saw opportunity. The same rule goes for a glass which water fill up to half. You can either say it is half full or say it is half empty. No right or wrong but opportunity is everywhere. Are you bright enough to be the second salesman?
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