My Flood theory

December 22, 2006 7:27pm CST
I've been researching through the internet with regards to the world wide flood. Even if the all the water in the oceans and the polar ice cap were combined together, it would not flood the whole Earth in a dramatic manner. Maybe only up to your ankles perhaps. My theory is this. The water did not the flood the Earth, the Earth flooded itself. The ocean today remains unexplored. Only less that 1%. We know the surface of the moon more than our ocean. Recent discoveries revealed that there are underground gigantic volcanoes. Now, we don't know how many of them are around the world. But you can imagine the magnitude if all were to erupt at the same time. I'll explain my theory simply. If you were to pour water in a n empty can of soda at 10% fill, and bring it to a boil where you can see steam at the mouth, quickly plunge it in a basin of water. You'll notice that the soda can imploded due to the pressure. Be careful to undertake this experiment as you might scald yourself. Now, hear this. Using the same simple principle as above, what if the Earth's underwater volcanoes erupted at the same time causing massive pressure on the Earth's internal structure? The Earth will implode on itself making all landmasses on the face of the Earth submerged into the ocean, therefore making the whole Earth under the water. Simple to understand, right? The whole landmasses before will look compressed and lumped together at this point of time as the Earth implodes on itself. It will look exactly like Pangea, a whole mega landmass. As the Earth's internal pressure begins to increase to expand, the huge landmass, the "Pangea" begins to separate and split up. This is very much evidence when you see the map of the world. It looks like a huge jig saw puzzle being split up and torn apart. During this expansion period, huge mountains and ocean trenches began to form. I look at them as gigantic "folds" similar when you push a carpet and you see the folds being pushed upward and you make a mini mountain. If you ask me, did the world wide flood occurred as what the Bible explained? Yes. It happened. By just studying the model I have stated above, you'll know exactly. So, food for the curious minded people here.
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