H-3 bulb, 21 watts

United States
December 22, 2006 9:24pm CST
I purchased a Go kart off of the internet and 1 of the headlights does not work. I took it a part and found that it has a bulb that is an H-3, 12 volt, 21 watt bulb. The Go kart was manufactured in China. The distributor that I purchased it from will replace the light if I will pay $35.00 in shipping. All it needs is a new bulb, but I can not find a 21 watt, H-3 bulb. The lowest wattage bulb that I can find is a 35 watt bulb. I do not want to hurt the wiring or the electrical system, any one have a suggestion? I know, buy American, but other than that.
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