Yo Mama Jokes

@MzLefty (311)
United States
December 22, 2006 10:20pm CST
There are so many Yo Mama jokes, I have a few that I thought were quite funny.I have 6 of them to share with you. 1.Yo mama's underwear is so full of holes that everytime she fartsthey whistle. 2.Yo mama is so stupid,she has a glass door with a peep hole. 3.Yo mama is so poor,she can't afford to pay attention. 4.Yo mama is so old,when i told her to act her age,she died. 5.Yo mama is so poor,she has to chase down the garbage truck with a shopping list. 6.Yo mama is so fat,she got baptized at Sea World. do you have a Yo mama joke to share? i would love to hear it.
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