We think of kids at xmas what about our pets.

@nhtpscd (1418)
December 22, 2006 11:01pm CST
We are always on alert of dangers during the holiday season with our little kids but what about our dogs, cats etc here is a useful link www.hartz.com. Holidays are a special time for friends and family. Since pets are a part of the family too, make sure your holiday is pet friendly. Here are some helpful tips 1. As you get your house ready for the holidays, keep your pets in mind too. There are some holiday items that could be very dangerous for your pet and may eve do permant damage Did you know Mistletoe or holly can be harmful if ingested by your pet. Keep these plants out of your pet’s reach. Lilies are often used in holiday arrangements and bouquets, but they can be very dangerous for your cat. Certain types of lilies can cause kidney failure in cats, even in small amounts. Make your holiday decorations pet safe. Avoid glass ornaments and those made of brittle plastic, which can break and cut tiny paws get int their mouth Dangling electrical cords can be enticing to curious pets, especially rabbits, kittens, and puppies. If electrical cords are chewed, they could electrocute your pet and even short out the house circuit breaker. Make sure to keep cords out of your pet’s reach. Keep batteries out of your pet’s reach. Batteries contain caustic material and if ingested, can cause chemical burns on the tongue, mouth, muzzle, and stomach of your pet. Keep a Pet Friendly Kitchen Pet owners may be tempted to give table scraps from holiday meals to their pets as a special treat. There are some types of people foods that can make pets very sick. Excessively rich or fatty foods can trigger pancreatitis (inflammatory disease of the pancreas) in pets. Chocolate can cause increased heart rate, tremors, or excitation, depending on the type and the quantity ingested. Ingestion of uncooked bread dough can be life-threatening. The animal’s body heat will cause the dough to rise in the stomach. Alcohol is produced during the rising process, and the dough may expand several times its original size. Some types of grapes and raisins have been shown to cause kidney failure in dogs when eaten in quantity. The basis for kidney failure following consumption of grapes or raisins is unclear, but this is being studied closely in the veterinary community. Other potentially dangerous food items for pets include moldy or spoiled foods, coffee grounds, onions, alcoholic beverages, macadamia nuts (dogs), and avocado (birds). Keep your pet birds safe from kitchen hazards too. Birds are extremely sensitive to any strong odor or smoke. Smoke from burning foods or overheated polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coated cookware can be deadly for birds. Keep your Guests on a Leash Have a plan for your pets when you host a holiday party. Unfamiliar guests can make some pets very nervous. If your pet does not do well with crowds and loud noise, make sure you set aside a safe and quiet haven for it to retreat to, if necessary. Make sure to bring your pet fresh water, food, toys, litter box, and pet bed so your pet can relax during the party. Toys offer a multitude of activities for pets and will help to reduce anxiety and relieve boredom. Remember your pet or your favorite pet lover during the holidays This year, don’t forget to be sure you have the perfect gift for your favorite pet. Remember the four “F”s: Food (rawhide, bones, natural treats), Fashion (fashionable collars or leashes), Fitness (balls, plush toys, catnip, interactive toys), and Fun (seasonally inspired toys and treats). Just thought I would share
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23 Dec 06
I think of both the children, Adults and my pets. In fact I bought a gift for my huns sisters 2 dogs.
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23 Dec 06
I posted this not about the giving of gifts by the safety around. Thanks for replying