favorable moons

June 21, 2006 4:45am CST
If you do the right thing during this favorable period you'll be able to get rid of the financial worries you have at the moment and that are spoiling life for you. 4 elements came through clearly to me: 1) During this period you will have the possibility to get a sum of money that will enable you to get rid of your money problems 2) To be sure to obtain this sum of money you must act on certain days during this period (which consists of 2 favorable moons). On these days your astral configuration is at its maximum influential strength 3) This period of two favorable moons will last for 56 days and represents a new beginning for you in life and it would really be a shame to miss it as it isn't likely to come around again in your stars for a long time. 4) You know that to seize this opportunity you must be aware of certain details especially what you must do and on which days exactly. I advise you to get help from somebody competent who will be able to give you the precise details about these all-important days.
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