What's your "Return Policy?"

@Riciel (24)
December 23, 2006 1:09am CST
What's the civilized way to get the stuff back? Guys, my friend told me that her friend had recently break-up with a guy she lived with for two years. During their relationship, she bought him a lot of expensive things like a DVD player, scuba diving equipment, and a desktop computer. Now, she want them back, but they're still with her boyfriend. Well, for that situation, for me the first thing to do is to simply ask. This may be harder than it sounds considering she didn't part in good terms, but maybe she can try getting a common friend to tell him first. If that doesn't work, perhaps she should write him a note. If that still doesn't work, give him a call right? After all those attempts, he still doesn't budge, hehehehe she would have to dig out the store receipts (with you her name) or credit card receipts that she got when she purchased those items, photocopy them, then attach them to a letter signed by a lawyer friend, demanding that your property be returned.What do you think? What should be the return policy you have in mind for that certain circumstance?
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