How much have u spent on xmas presents????

December 23, 2006 2:28am CST
How much money did u spend on xmas pressies???? We probably spent about $1000.
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@THKOhio (330)
• United States
3 Nov 07
We usually sepnd about $1000 a year. We have a set amount that we spend on each person we are buying for, so that we don't get carried away with spending.
• Philippines
12 Jun 07
I dont really spend much for there is nothing much to spend. LOL. Anyway, I always believe that its the thought that counts and not the price. I cant say the total price here becoz we dont have similar currencies. But I spend more on the effort and time of being with them or call them at least.
@musicman6 (2390)
• United States
7 Apr 07
Well, We had a large family, and to insure that we always had money for Christmas, I developed an idea to save money all year long, so when Christmas came around, we were never short of money, and this always made the kids happy!! All I did was figure out how much money I wanted for Christmas, which at that time was 600 dollars, So every month, I would put 50 dollars in a savings account, I always figured out one way or another a way to make sure I put that amount in the bank!! And you know what, that idea,helped me with other aspects of our expenditures! When ever we wanted to buy a large ticket item, that's the strategy I used to accomplish that! When we needed a car, I put 50 dollars a month in a savings account, until I got the down payment to finance one! When we needed any furniture or appliances, I would put 50 dollars a month in a savings account, until we had enough money to buy it! Anything that I anticipated we were going to need in the future, I started a savings account for it and usually had the money for it!! And now my grandchildren enjoy all those presents at Christmas, because my kids learned it from Me!!
@baysmummy (1638)
• Australia
23 Dec 06
This year including my present from my fiance and his present from me and of course presents for all nephews and neices and of course our son probably came to around $600.