CRUSHES-they come and go...and the trouble they create..!!

Alessandra Ambrosio - Alessandra Ambrosio in bikini
@shrekk (561)
December 23, 2006 2:31am CST
I keep having these crushes over famous people I study about and see on television and they last for 3-4 days. They upset my whole routine and peace of mind. Does it or did it ever happen with you??They're temporary periods of infatuation. I think they happen mostly with teenagers. I see someone, read about someone or just hear they're name and suddenly, I find yourself obsessed with them. It takes hardly any time before I start to daydream about meeting them or being like them, and I can no longer concentrate on any activity I'm doing because they keep penetrating my brain and disturbing my focus..!I've had crushes over so many women over the years. Does it ever happen to you? Do you have any suggestions to prevent or get along with them easily??P.S. Last month I saw lots of pictures of this lady and I had a crush on her even though I knew nothing about her!
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