Trackstanding on a mountain bike. Can _you_?

United States
December 23, 2006 3:29am CST
When I first found out that trackstanding could be done, I was fascinated. I searched for information on the web, and even looked for pictures on flickr, but most of the stuff I found dealt with trackstanding on fixed gear bikes (ones where the wheel spins backwards if you pedal backwards). After a while (like half a year!), I could finally do a trackstand, and it took almost no time to learn a one-handed and no-handed trackstand... on my mountain bike! I could do this on any inclined (even slightly) surface on either way (but facing a upward-incline is much easier, and the only way to do a no-handed trackstand--you need brakes for downward-incline!), and even on flat surfaces if I lock my brakes and stand. To all you bikers or even nonbikers out there: did you ever think that trackstanding was possible on a mountain bike? Could you do it, and what type of bike do you use? by the way, trackstanding means to be at a [near]standstill on a bike without putting your feet on the ground (nope, no training wheels here! lol)
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