Green Sky at Night

December 23, 2006 4:23am CST
Hello. Last night i accidently locked myself out of my house with my parents, neighbors, and siblings. While waiting outside, the sky turned to a bright puke green. There was no clouds in the sky, no thunder was heard and no lightning was seen. The whole sky was light this color, not blotches or streeaks, but the whole sky. It lasted between 5 to 10 seconds before slowly fading back to black. This inciddent scared all who saw it and I was wondering if anyone had an answer to this phenomenome. Note: this is irrelevant to the sky but after it faded i believe i heard something crashing in my woods. But please if you have any answer for the incident please respond. Thank-you.
2 responses
• Australia
25 Feb 07
could it be some sort of an testing of some device by your government? or could be an explosion somewhere or anysorta that thing that would release green light into the atmoshpher for a few seconds..
• Pakistan
24 Dec 06
never saw dat.... u just lieing