Knowledge - Knowledge
@shilpa28k (1737)
December 23, 2006 4:24am CST
Knowledge is power. Without money, food, clothing and shelter can anybody survive!!! Knowledge is?
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• India
24 Dec 06
Knowledge is not power, it is a tool. Knowledge is the tool that helps you get the other things you mention and you have knowledge whether or not you acknowledge it. Knowledge may help you obtain many things and if you get things to an excess, it can give you a false sense of power. Power exists only in the mind of those who think they have it. Hopefully, knowledge will also tell you when the others are necessary because you can live without money. Not easy, but it can be done. You also missed one very important attribute--good health. Food, shelter and good health are all you need to survive, all the rest is gravy. Knowledge tells you when you have or don't have those things.
• Pakistan
24 Dec 06
knowledge is money;)