Pulse Theory

December 23, 2006 4:37am CST
Hi guys, I've been working on a theory for a bit and am wondering what you guys think. So here it is: Summary The universe expands through the expansive era. Then it contracts through the contracton era. The universe contracts until it finally collides in the center of the universe. This collision is called the singularity. When the singularity occurs the universe rebounds back into the expansive era. This is the big bang Outside of our universe is an infinitely large vacuum called the vuoto vasto that the universe is constantly trying to escape into. Make Up Of The Universe Matter- Protons, electrons, neutrons, photons, etc. Elasticon- It’s like an elastic. A new form of theoretical matter. Elasticons are classified as dark matter. Expansive Era When the universe collides at the singularity, it collides with such force it creates massive amounts of energy. This energy shoots out away from the singularity, the start of the expansive era. Our universe is the matter and elasticon, but there is also the vuoto vasto (comes from italion words for vast vacuum) which acts upon our universe, the universe expands through the vuoto vasto. The universe is constantly trying to escape into the vuoto vasto and as it expands more surface area is exposed to the vuoto vasto, causing the expansion to accelerate. Contractive Era The universe is like a web of elastics with marbles on it. Marbles are matter and elastics are elasticons. You can pull an elastic until it reaches it’s stretch capacity, where you will start to feel resistance when you reach it’s maximum stretch capacity you feel a lot of resistance and then suddenly the elastic will snap. But the resistance from the elasticon is stronger than the force generated by the expansion of the universe through the vuoto vasto. Because this force is stronger the universe recoils in on itself just like if you were to let go of the elastic when it reached it’s maximum stretch capacity. This contraction occurs until the universe collides with itself at the singularity where the cycle starts again. The problem is I am only finishing grade 9 now... so i don't possess the resources or mathematics to even start to try to prove this. So I would appreciate any input. Good or bad. It also supports einstien a bit because the membrane that the web of elasticons make would be what the gravitational waves distort. well any input would be nice. thanks
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