Why myLot is myLot?

December 23, 2006 7:47am CST
Do you know why this website is named "myLot"? And why "m" is smallcaps and "L" is uppercase? I don't know and you?
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• Singapore
24 Dec 06
i'm not very sure, but if you ask me, i would say that it's to say that myLot is My Lot (something like our own 'lot') m is small caps is because we have to be humble and L is uppercase because it's to signify that it's a respectable and well known place...i guess,...
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• Belgium
26 Dec 06
Very good answer, thanks for this one...
@sudhajan (1219)
• France
26 Dec 06
I think they are stressing on Lot by keeping L as capital and saying us that u can earn lot of money on "my" site. so i think this is the hidden message
@humaaaa (1387)
• Pakistan
24 Dec 06
myLot with small m and capital L its just to make it more clear in reading and to make it more attractive. if it was My Lot it would be normal if it was Mylot was not much readable mylot looks stupid so myLot looks best.
@rmx2006 (443)
• Malaysia
24 Dec 06
my = me Lot = post u have summary = my money :D