Early Retirement - Life Ideal.

December 23, 2006 7:56am CST
Retirement is always thought of as the event at the end of our working life. Most part of the world, people retire at 55 years. Some others retire at 60 or 65 years. The latter are often high profile people in businesses and politics. Today, we should be aspiring not to follow the norm but do something different. With all the stress, pressure and demands of the present enviroment, one need to seriously look at early retirement. Early retirement to me means to release myself from all the pressures of the present society. Why should all these stress, pressures and demand that are dictating my life continue to do so until I am 55 years and above? Think about a longer natural lifespan if you choose to retire earlier. Many of us may say we are not prepared to do so because of mortgages, expenses, etc. These things do not stop even if you retire. We need to realign our life so that we can be in more control of our time, maybe be our own boss as an example. For me, my preparation to early retirement is to venture into the world of online business. What about you? Come and share your thoughts with all here.
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• United States
2 Apr 09
hi...well seems like not a response in a long time! i am retiring this july...an early out!! at nearly 53 i have fibromyalgia and this is literally killing me to stand on my feet for 8 hours not to mention working nights. i am looking forward to doing a bit of volunteering(meals on wheels) and starting to do some crafty stuff... knitting, weaving, quilting, rughooking. some of which i need to learn lol! but am thinking perhaps some of the older folks who get meals delivered might have these talents...would make them feel needed and i would learn from masters! the best of both worlds. i also still have a mortgage and college loan for my son...but as always..things will work out. i have been through some very trying times in my life...guess what! i am still here...the man upstairs looks out for those who believe!
• Malaysia
2 Dec 10
Good of you to stay positive. I am not far from that age and can't avoid it anyway. Yes, we can plan well and live well. It is not about how rich we are in the pocket but how rich we are in our thoughts.