What I would suggest to MyLot for improving the user's experience

@yorgaki (678)
December 23, 2006 8:25am CST
I would suggest that the template of the page to be changed somehow. It is not so important for us to see always the username, rating, earnings and so on. Why ? We know our username, the rating is not important to be watched each second and the earnings are updated daily. ALSO : we need maybe links to our unanswered new discussions AND maybe if they go unanswered for more than 1 week we need a link to DELETE THEM. I would go even further : each new discussion even started by other member would be nice to offer an option of deletion for the members that visit it. When reading it I would love to see an "Suggested for deletion" by "25 members from 50" ( lets say that 50 members would suffice to decide for deletion of that discussion) for as long as the discussion have not more than 10 answers (not including here the replies from it) or 25 replies (if a starter doesn't respond to the users that answered to his post he doesn't deserve to have his discussion kept online but deleted. I would contribute with an answer/reply/vote for deletion when such discussion would remain in this status for more than 1 week. Also, a link to the most "populous" discussions (or better to those that have a huge speed of getting answered) "WHAT'S HOT" not only NEWEST as it is for the moment. Any reply welcome. After you will answer to my post I will send the post to MyLot admin, too, and the best answer of yours, too.
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• Indonesia
14 Jan 07
i don't think the mylot team has enough time to cares with their users demand. They're using this system to combat the bot for auto post / reply / answer, and to prevent the fraud, so it can last long as a popular websites.
@yorgaki (678)
• Romania
17 Jan 07
I see ... My suggestion would just help them to delete the useless new discussions (the ones that are not popular).