When do you call a shopping day, A GOOD SHOPPING DAY?

shopping! - oF course your hands hurt when you carry all of those bags :s hahaha
@mxchic (12)
December 23, 2006 12:07pm CST
I call it like that when, I go in and out of the stores in less than an hour and when I pick out the stuf that i like and its "s"., because the ones where i look for the zise. are usually the ones that dont fit me or the ones i dont take.:S-- and ofcouse i very good shopping day for me is when there SALES all over the place and i BUY everything I needed and more and also had money letf over:D
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19 Jan 07
Hmm...a good shopping day for me is probably getting sales, saving money , finding great clothes, and getting things that are in my size.
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31 Dec 06
When I get really good deals!! Like I went to Walmart during their after Christmas sale, and got tons of stuff for my soldiers for next Christmas really cheap!! They had stocking marked down to $.24. A 4 foot prelit Xmas tree for $6.15. A 6 foot tree for $5! I saved so much money on that trip! It was great!! I think I ended up saving like $40-$50! Gotta love after holiday sales!!! ~~Jody~~ *Angel to Jesse & Danny* May no soldier go unloved. May no soldier walk alone. May no soldier be forgotten, Until they all come home.
@kareng (20178)
• United States
30 Dec 06
I like to call it a good day when I find what I'm looking for but especially when I find other things that are needed that are on sale. I've been having fun with some of the after Christmas sales.