Is it possoble to install oracle 8.0.4 on window x.p. and how?

December 23, 2006 12:12pm CST
Is it possible to install oracle 8.0.4 on win xp and how?
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• India
23 Dec 06
This release is supported on Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 2000 (SP2 or above) and Windows XP. Oracle Repository is not supported on Oracle8i Server, Release 8.1.6 or 8.1.7 Personal Edition. Oracle Designer is not supported on Windows Terminal Server, Citrix WinFrame or any other terminal emulator. See Support Note 68047.1 on the OracleMetaLink pages ( for a full explanation. This release of Oracle Designer 6i (4.6) can be used with Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports only when these products have been increased to patch 13. For information about certification against future patches of Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports, see the Support Notes on the OracleMetaLink pages ( For the latest information about product compatibility and related issues, see Support Note 60705.1 on the OracleMetaLink pages (
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• Bangladesh
23 Dec 06
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