what do u think of having a 3sum with your friend?

September 25, 2006 8:47am CST
do u think it would ruin the friendship or would it still be ok?
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@sisco100 (2344)
• United States
9 Aug 08
form my own experince it really dosent effect any friendships, if anything for me it made them stronger. cuz it just ment tht there wasnt anything tht we would hid form each other. it allow us to do anything and talk about anything. i cant say tht it'll be the same for others. i have to say tht i was shocked after it happend and so where they, but it really didnt effect us, it just ment tht we could do things like tht more often and it wouldnt be weired.
@charlie69 (334)
25 Jan 07
only if it was between 3 friends and not 2 parteners and another friend as the friend would feel like an extra part and it could also cause trouble between the partners
@CuTiE1 (8)
• Canada
25 Jan 07
It jus depends on how strong the friendship actually is an as long as u urself know what their intentions are...i did it with my gf an one of my best friends..was a great experience..an were all great friends..jus with benifits now
• Canada
22 Dec 06
Special attention needs to be made to the original partner. Never leave you're partner left out and always ensure to pay attention to him/her. Although, this type of activity does add a little extra spice, it could be very tricky to everyone involved.
@HomerBundy (1327)
• United States
2 Nov 06
depends on the details of the situation... guy/guy/girl girl/girl/guy guy/guy/guy girl/girl/girl i think in any of the above situations, someone will eventually be left out and upset...
• United States
22 Oct 06
It depends who the friend is, and how strong the friendship is.