Global shift

@anipa1 (197)
September 25, 2006 9:15am CST
How many of you out there have heard of this,and what are your views on how much brighter the planets are...according to Nasa...
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@kstanley7 (1171)
26 Sep 06
OMG Run to the hill's IT's the End of the world... lol someone had to say it so I thought it might as well be me :P it's very interesting though, mind you we don't know the aftereffects of this magnetic polar change. even though it happens every 11 to 12 years
• United States
25 Sep 06
"on earth as it is in Heaven".. yes there was a global was when the big tsunami hit overseas. The plates of the earth shifted ...and do you know that time sped up? God is on a move and time is taking a turn. Do yo think that maybe we are running out of time?
• Hong Kong
25 Sep 06
i hear b4 i think is very creative idea!