Consperisies of a Gas Station

@ivesyono (131)
December 23, 2006 7:18pm CST
I work at a local Gas station named Mr. X Gas can't say name.but i have realised that it all just a major conspiracy. It all goes back to the begining. ever since the begining of time plp just want want want. they want the bigest cave with the meaniest dinosors as their pets until one cave man or woman invented the Wheel. soon ideas began to arise and the trolly was inveted by a pesant in the mideval times just trying to make things easyier to carry things around. soon the trolly evolved when some one thought to attactch it to a horse and give it horse power. but it cost a pritty penny. and later in major cities their was the invetion of the trolly taxi. plp having to pay divers for their servies which just meant more money. years later the automobile was invented even thought it was steamed powered it was the begining of a new age. Soon after many flaws with the steam cars someone else discovered gasoline and how it could be used to power things. soon the steam engine was using this new substance and engerniers were working hard to make cars bigger faster stronger and sexier. more and more people were beging to afford this new revalutonary instrument meaning more and more plp where begining to relise that you can make alot of money off this. higher and higher prices of gas and cars where getting as more greedier company owners where getting. Soon the owners of oil mines where getting so greedy they wanted to go to other countries and take theirs. they didn't want to admit it so they would gain up with their countries government and create a fake cause as to why they had to go into that country. They even went as far as to kill their own people blow up buildings and planes at the same time and blame it on plp who looked like different. People who looked as if they were from a country where an enimies of theirs lived. They would say they are going into this country because it has weapons of mass destruction. They would raid homes and kidnap random people who have created a dumb crime like traveling without a visa (refugies). Troops where convinced that what they were and are still doing is for a good cause. That it was the reason why they were going into these countries, to help make the world better by making it worse. The leader of these countries the troops were going into would hide in fear until found. But really it was all just one big cover up and everyone knew it accept for the americans who are to damn blind to see past their own anger to know what was truly going on. suicide bomers have to kill them self if they want to even try and scare these invaders out of their country without being tortured by the american troops. American soliders who go into these forign countries will die for the dumbest reason imaginable, OIL, but no one even knows it. Ever wonder why the price of gas goes up every time a solider dies in another country. they have to pay for the funeral and to colateral damage. Think about it post your reply tell me what you think
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24 Dec 06
I agree that this war is definately over oil. It is a sorry shame. I am not upset that we got Sadam hussein out of power though, At least one good thing has come of this.