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December 23, 2006 7:37pm CST
For neorealism in film or literature, see neorealism (art). Structural Realism is also a position in the philosophy of science, originally held by Henri Poincaré, and resurrected by Worrall. Neorealism or structural realism is a theory of international relations, outlined by Kenneth Waltz in his 1979 book, Theory of International Politics. Waltz argues in favor of a systemic approach: the international structure acts as a constraint on state behavior, so that different states behave in a similar rational manner, and outcomes fall within an expected range. Neorealism, developed largely within the American political science tradition, seeks to reformulate the classical realism tradition of E.H. Carr, Hans Morgenthau, and Reinhold Niebuhr into a rigorous and positivistic social science.
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