Have you been or want to go to Spain?

United States
December 23, 2006 10:41pm CST
I grew up just outside of Madrid, and loved every minute of living there. (Not military) I would love to hear other people's experiences in Spain, and feel free to ask me anything about Spain! Share!
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@sekhmetgb (462)
5 Aug 08
I moved to Spain in April 2007. Originally from Holland, then lived in UK for 30 + years. Now lived in Spain for 15 months. It is the most beautiful country I have ever been to. It is so big there is something for every type of person, ski-ing go to the Pyrenees, sunbathing, east coast, travel anywhere, Madrid and Barcelona and various other big places for shopping and culture. My experience with Spanish people so far has been that because I am having Spanish lessons once a week and really try to speak the language, they are the most friendly people I have ever met. Cannot wait until I can read Cervantes in his own language! Spain is tops and always will be!!
@Lauzzy (27)
• Belgium
1 Sep 08
I have a real passion for Spain and the Spanish speaking countries of Latin America. I started learning Spanish when I was 12 and am currently doing an MA in Hispanic Studies at King's College London. I have travelled to Spain on several occasions and studied at the University of Salamanca during my Erasmus year abroad.I have been to Zaragoza, Madrid, Barcelona, Mayorca, Ibiza,Málaga, Córdoba. My fiancé is Spanish and we are getting married in Madrid very soon! I love Spanish and Latin American culture in particular Spanish and Latin American literature and cinema.Pedro Almodóvar ('Todo sobre mi madre','La mala educación','Volver' etc) is one of my favourite film directors along with Alejandro Amenábar ('Los Otros', 'Abre los ojos') I will be moving to Spain with my future husband in a few months time. I cannot wait to eat tapas and paella again! I also love Spanish ham: chorizo, pata negra,jamón serrano...I remember that in Salamanca I would go to Pans & co and get a baguette con queso fundido y jamón serrano!
@chooseus (172)
• Indonesia
17 Apr 08
I want to go to Spain, I think Spain is very nice country.....
16 Apr 08
Yes I've been to spain but it's always been on package holidays where you never even end up meeting spaniards or experiencing the culture. A couple of weeks ago I travelled down the country from le Perthus to Algeciras, and really enjoyed it. Its much better than my previous holidays to Moraira and Solu (sp?). I'm currently learning Spanish and can't wait to go back with more of a grasp on the language.
• Canada
16 Apr 08
Yea i went to Pamplona Spain, famous for the running of the bulls! lol . Was ok there, didnt appreciate the lack of English haha. But i did enjoy the fact that i was forced to learn some spanish. I was amazed that in Pamplona they had this foreigners school to learn spanish and it only cost like 4euros for 3months of schooling!
@sachie (16)
• United States
24 Mar 07
I lived there for like almost 1 year.. In Rota, spain... i hate that place cuz its so boring but the beaches there are so nice though
@mudmud (6)
• United States
27 Feb 07
I lived in Southern Spain fro almost 2 years and I still miss it. I've never met such friendly, laidback people in all my life. Besides being a beautiful country, I was able to visit different countries and enjoy the smaller thing in life.
@kommer (18)
• Spain
21 Feb 07
I have lived most of my life in Catalonia, a region in Spain, in the city of Barcelona, if you haven't been you really must go! The weather is nice, the people friendly and the atmosphere is great! (By the way if you go to Catalonia a lot of people there think it is a separate country, but it is not)
@vicky19810 (1601)
• China
30 Jan 07
yes,i would like to visit to Spain and have a nice happy time in there.but now ,it does not have chance for me to visit it ,it is a pity.
@blanksolid (1632)
• Spain
28 Jan 07
I live in spain so i dont need to wish about going to spain, i like my country because we have a got an excelent food, i think that really spain is different from the rest european continent, have a nice day on mylot and happy earnings also.
@rsmith512 (1561)
• United States
28 Jan 07
I would love to go to Spain someday! That would be great!!! :D It must have been beautiful there. What were you doing there?? :)
• Ireland
5 Jan 07
I also have spent time in Spain, I worked in Valencia for a few months and then spent a year studying and working in Logrono, apart from that I stayed in Alcorcon for about a month and I have very few unhappy memories from Spain, in fact I wish I were back there right now. I think the most important thing I learned was confidence in speaking a second language and the ability to integrate with another kind of culture (though a close one) One of the best things I found about the Spanish is the sense of fun and communal enjoyment especially in Mediterranean areas, they seem to be a lot less cynical than my countrymen (I'm Irish)
@missyann73 (1457)
• United States
24 Dec 06
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