how was your year 2006...

December 24, 2006 2:32am CST
this year 2006 came to me with a lot happy moments. i find my best friend, i scored highest marks in a semester... etc. things going on well. i was seeing more peace and happiness all around me . But as the first half passed my good luck turned in bad. next semester i scored lowest score in my all semesters, failures started coming one after another. and the year is about to end with that series of failures. So this 2006 has given me many different experiences of life.
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@catcai (1056)
• Philippines
24 Feb 07
Hmmm... a lot of things happend in my 2006 on the 1st part of the year, i was very relaxed, i had a nice paying job which i had to quit because i was planning on reviewing for the local nursing board exams, so i started reviewing for the exam, middle of the year, someone from my past came back and haunted me- and i thought that this has got to be my lucky year- unfortunately 3 mos after he again- left me and has devastated me again for the nth time, plus i flunked the local board exam, so i was really sooo depressed at that time, then after like 2 mos, i learned to cope up, things are healing and im starting to feel much better- then at the later part of the year a surprise came to me- a second result was released by the board of nursing regarding the june 2006 board exams and i was included in it- in other words, i passed... so i was happy during my birthday since i passed and all.. and thats what happened in my 2006, learned a lot though... never ever give chances anymore to people who doesnt deserve it.
• India
21 Feb 07
I wold say it was all fine No backlogs yet. I am doing good. In teh end i have managed a decent job too. Its going well. Lets see wat s the future has for us???
• Mexico
29 Dec 06
an year with mixed experiences, engulped with loads of challenging situations and handled them with the best of my abilities, had loads of fun with my girlfriend,had great experiences with her, started Gym and gained a good, fit and hot body for myself. all in all an awesome experience, good or bad, everything taught me a lot. enjoy Josh
• India
24 Dec 06
Friend i had a good year.some bad things also happened and some good things every thing is a lesson to my future after all time is the best teacher than every thing.HAPPY NEW YEAR.