the movie...

December 24, 2006 8:58am CST
whats your view on seeing it
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@cybergwen (158)
• United States
27 Feb 07
I thought that it was great, but it had a lot of gore that I could have done without. For me those parts didn't add anything.
• Australia
24 Feb 07
The Departed would have to be the best movie for 2006 i loved how it ended with a chain reaction of murders
• India
1 Feb 07
very nice movie...great role by Leonardo Di Caprio.
@asteriskec (1074)
• Philippines
13 Jan 07
AMAZING! great cast, great director, great film editor, great movie. I think this movie will get several nods from critics and award-giving bodies. Congratulations to Leonardo for a job well done
• Belgium
11 Jan 07
And then we forget the amazing act of Jack Nicholson, I think he also definitely has to get that award..
• United States
10 Jan 07
This is the best movie of the year by far! Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Walberg both deserve Oscar nominations. And Martin Scorcese is a genius!
• Belgium
5 Jan 07
I think this movie is unbelievable. First of all the music, great!! It's starts of with the rolling stones and those fantastic one-liners, and second of all it's not the typical hollywood story which i like! It's remake from the 'Infernal Affairs' trilogy, but does somebody knows if it's all in 1 or is there coming a follow-up?
@tarachand (3895)
• India
29 Dec 06
I saw and found it reasonably okay. I mean it is quite some since a good movie has been made, did make interesting watching, but there have been better movies out of Hollywood than this one. I liked 16 Blocks a lot.
• United States
24 Dec 06
I've seen it and think its an amazing movie. It has an amazing cast that when I heard about it I never thought a movie could afford that many big names. Also Martin Scorsese directing it is the perfect choice for a director.
• India
24 Dec 06