watch tv

@talentyi (544)
December 24, 2006 9:22am CST
do u like it?why do u like it?which u like best,go out to have a good time or stay at home for watching tv?
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@makem0ney (293)
24 Dec 06
i think the best 2 programs on tv are............. prison brean and the simpsons
@talentyi (544)
• China
24 Dec 06
what r they talking about
@addy220 (598)
• Pakistan
24 Dec 06
well i really like 2 watch tv i think tv is best friend of lonely or depressed person ...well if the choice is in between going out or staying in ...ill prefer to go out but still i watched tv n i like very much
@supremegod (1019)
• India
24 Dec 06
t.v. - t.v.
i like it, only if the programmes are interesting. both depending on the situation and mood and company and programme on the t.v.
@Opteron (1845)
• Italy
24 Dec 06
I don't like tv so much, because I often can't find anything interesting! There are too many talk show on tv, too many games and reality shows and I don't like them. I prefer watching good movies! It's much better going out than staying at home for watching a stupid show on tv!