Bad manners

@minxy67 (2708)
December 24, 2006 11:13am CST
I find that people are becoming more bad mannered, gone are the days of common courtesy, please and thank you, mean a lot to me, so why don't more people say it.
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@Jaytech (2251)
23 Jan 07
I've always gone out of my way to be polite & courteous towards people, irrelevant of race & creed. Yet nowadays, you do someone a good deed like hold a door open for someone & they look at you as if you have a teapot on your head. Is it really that difficult to say "thank you"? Should I just not bother holding the door open & let it close in someone's face? I think not.
@kavita23 (2995)
• India
23 Jan 07
You're making a huge sweeping generalisation about a whole race. Making generalisations about any group is dangerous. People are individuals, most of us have a bad habit or three, most of us have a lot to offer and are in our own way, good people. happy mylot day.
@emeraldisle (13141)
• United States
22 Jan 07
I have yet to figure that one out. I was raised to say please, thank you, pardon me/excuse me, etc. It's second nature to me to say it and I teach my niece to say it as well (I help raise her). Some though don't seem to have a clue that those words even exist, especially so many of the kids today let alone adults. The only thing I can think of is they weren't taught. No one bothered to teach them and they aren't teaching their kids, which to me is really sad. Without courtesy we aren't much better then animals.
@rainbow (6762)
24 Dec 06
I have no idea,people are so rude and aggressive, it scares me to be among them sometimes. I find myself apologising when people knock into me and checking my boys are not in their way never to receive a thank-you or a smile and I cannot remember the last time a stranger held a door for me. My boys can use their manners and I would correct them quickly for forgetting but adults do not seem bothered any more, it's discusting. People moan about young people but the retired people seem to be ruder than the teenagers.