Divorce ??

@lovein (345)
December 24, 2006 11:12pm CST
Once upon a time a master was giving lessons to his desciple. amongst disciple one woman was also present, who was student of the Master. This woman student was wife of master. One day she disappeared. All the desciple searched for the mother, and failed to find her. After some years, desciple found the mother with a big theif in the forest. On return they gave this news to the master. Master says, she was not your mother at all, because she was listening the big theif from the start of your education, from the very begining. She was wife of the thief from the begining. She did not liked lessons from me, so she went to the theif, to work there. Like I gave you lessons, and you all will return to home and apply the lessons what I have tought you in your day to day life. So it depends from whom you listen, he is your husband(swami) not me. You said this..
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@KrauseHome (36697)
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20 Feb 07
This does make sense when you really look into this, and I feel we need to all watch who we follow in life, otherwise people will want to deny us as to who we really are.