Do u guys believe in Destiny or HArdwork??

December 25, 2006 1:04am CST
Wat i mean by this is that how much u guys ill give to hard work and how much u give to ur fate or destiny.I would be happy to see u guys discussing bout urself nd watevr u have achieved in ur life is coz of ur hardwork or destiny??i sincerely believe in destiny.Yaa hard work is there but destiny plays the major role in ur life.I sincerly believe in this.
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• Albania
25 Dec 06
I believe that hardwork will achieve destiny. If you are destined to work hard, you will work hard. This is the words of an astrologer
• India
25 Dec 06
nice reply dude
@lean_rose (262)
• Philippines
25 Jul 07
Some people believe in destiny and some believe in hardwork, but actually hardwork and destiny are working hand in hand in the journey af what we call life. If you want to be destined as a successful one you must be hardworking in all factors that keeps our life going.
@thediesel (287)
• Philippines
25 Dec 06
I believe that destiny will be achieved thru hardwork. :)