why is india important to the world

@raisushkr (1399)
December 25, 2006 8:32am CST
India is important for various reasons. India is producing best of minds that can fit in every department existing today,from labour to scientist and all. India is rich in minerals,metals and all.India along wid china will b the next super powers after us and other present rich countries lose out .The advantages that america had a decad ot two ago is slowly vanishing.If it needs to preserve that advantage us will have to come up wid new ideas.money will not b a factor this time around bcos otehr coutries r ready for bargain. India is a developing country and it has to to go a long way up .us had reached a stage where its growth will b les compared to wat growth india and china will have . am i wrong ?can u suggest few more things that india can provide to the world?even the obstacles can b listed here
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