ninja and samurai

ninja - samurai
December 25, 2006 8:39am CST
what is the difference and who is better?
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• Japan
9 Apr 07
Ninja is the same with samurai but samurai is on a higher rank of the ninja is using for some secret attack or to investigate.They have almost thesame skills.samurai will fight in front of you and ninja will fight on your back.Thats the difference.
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@Tallison (10)
• United States
27 Feb 07
There is a big difference. A Samurai is a social class that was created in Fedual Japan for Centuries. The Samurai follow the Bushido code which requires them to obey their Daimyo and serve him. Even if it requires their life. The first Ninja originated in the Igga province of Japan. They were pertty much poor people that had to defend their homes from the powerful samurai lords who had massive armies. So the only way the poor civilians could defend themselves is by useing gorrila tatics. And thats how Ninjitsu started. I would say that the Ninja are more powerful because the devoled a new Martial Arts style, Ninjitsu. Which is far more effective and deadly than Judo, the style that the samurai used. They also created far more weapons,tatics,techniques than the samurai. So I'm would go with the Ninja as the better of the two.
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• Bangladesh
28 Jan 07
samurai is a warrior, ninja is an assasin. samurai have their spirit and principles of bushido, just like a Knight Spirit. ninja doesnt. ninja main target or mission is to kill enemy with any methods, like using poison, secret weapon, etc. while samurai ussually fight using sword/spear, and always do a fair fight, coz they have their honor for it. thats all i know :) hopes u will know better about them
@jason_co (407)
• Philippines
5 Apr 08
samurai are wariors and they used a katana or popularly a samurai sword. it is a long sword. while the ninja uses a small one. shorter than the katana.
• Romania
3 Jun 08
Actually a samurai used the daikatana and the katana was used by the ninjas. Daikatana is a bigger katana used with two hands, whilst the katana is a short sword . And it is highly known that ninjas used a smaller sword than the samurai. And to respond to the first question, I would go for ninja. Whoever read Shogun can approve on this. In the book there is said that when ninjas atacked Osaka, 80 samurais were killed and only a few of the ninjas were hurt.
@utsadetti (4589)
• United States
25 Dec 06
I don't know for sure lol.
• Philippines
26 Dec 06
• Philippines
5 Apr 08
ahm, lets see. Samurai was the warriors' way of life who acts according to the bushido code. while ninja on the other hand were trained on different skills and were a descendants of poor farmers who in poverty sell their skills to however wants their services, thus they became a spy. ahm, also...samurai were trained in jujitsu wile the ninja's on ninjutsu????? ahahahaha! i think the samurai's! virtue comes determination and determination results in victory.
• Philippines
8 Apr 07
Ninjas are soldier and they came from they are part of historical beliefs. While Samurai are group or civilization that came from ancient world, and until now, there are some Samurai that actually living while Ninjas are still a question mark if they really exists. Godspeed!
@Makoy1983 (1084)
• Philippines
26 Mar 07
i'd go for ninjas
@Brentsky (164)
• United States
14 Jan 07
Ninjas are assassins and Samurai are more like.... soldiers of the emperor. Something like that. They both rock though, but not as hard as Pirates.
@istanto (8562)
• Indonesia
26 Dec 06
Ninja is japan secret agent if i can imagine in USA ninja is FBI, Samurai is Japan army. now it's clear there is difference about ninja and samurai.