What are some recommendations to improve entrepreneurship?

@bmgjay (176)
December 25, 2006 8:43am CST
There are some problems that faces young entrepreneues and hinder their progress,what are some sugguested recommendations to help them and abolish obstacles that faces them?
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@Perry2007 (2229)
• Philippines
22 Jan 07
Entrepreneurship is a broad topic. In general before one entrepreneur ventures into any kind of business, he will have a plan, and review his personal competencies in pursuing the project he has in mind, if training is needed then he undergoes that what he needs. One basic factor here is The degree of interest on the part of the entrepreneur himself in the business he will launch. How determined will he be to see it through and champion its development. Certainly even all the plan, analysis and methods used to build the enterprise,have been installed, a lot of problems will be encountered. Some of them are the law of supply and demand, this affects the production, prising, and up to the shipment of the product to the end user or customer; There is the problem on government tax, licensing, zoning and other restrictions that may affect your distribution, prising and delivery. Besides capitalisation there are also some labor requirements that needs to be satisfied. With all the problems, challenges and hindrances; The entrepreneur, and only him knows the best for his success. Young entrepreneurs Should develop in them the Competence, skills and management system that are required to professionally Carry out in building any business. Courage, perseverance, calculated risk taking, seizing of opportunity, commitment to work contract and determination are only few recommendations for them to succeed.