Have you (or anyone you know) fallen in love online?

@abdi_708 (133)
United States
December 25, 2006 9:04am CST
As the topic asks, I am looking for ppl that have fallen in love either online, or met someone online and then fallen in love irl. Id like stories both about it working out, and if it didnt. I would need a short interview/short story/poem/whatever about what happened. If you have had this happen to you, I would appreciate greatly if you would leave a few lines here, Or if you dont feel comfortable with that,
2 responses
• India
25 Dec 06
I never fall in love online.but there are lot of person who fall in love.i have a friend who got his love online i can not say his name But my friend is very happy with her girlfriend they have met.So I accept that online love can be happen..
@Sm00tH (2039)
• Belgium
25 Dec 06
i have a friend that fell in love with ppl online and also met ppl online and then fell in love with them. The 1 he was in love with online, that didn't work out realy because they lived far apart from eachother, they loved eachother i think, at least he loved her. The 1 he met online and fell in love with actually lived 5 mins away from him so they had a good relationship but now recently she moved so they broke up.