@diannne (200)
December 25, 2006 9:08am CST
as we all know piracy enjoys its abundancy nowadays, whether in movies, cd's, dvd's and even softwares.. why? first is that pirated materials usually have the same contents as the original only it comes in a much lower selling price. piracy is also considered theft so therefore, do you think there are still possible solutions to this?
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@Hemant83 (1281)
• India
25 Dec 06
i dont think so that we can stop it. yes if there is understanding in people to not to use pyrated softwares it could be stop. this is the only way. because there are so many sites on the internet which provides pyrated softwares. finally its upon us what to do with it. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Christmas.you take care and have a nice day.
@akosi63 (331)
• Philippines
25 Dec 06
Actually, it's tempting to buy those pirated stuffs since it's a lot cheaper than originals. I admit I was but I started last year not to condone those thieves. We should start with ourselves then we may not know we are influencing others by what we're doing, those people close to us.
@bogdanel (1208)
• Romania
25 Dec 06
this type of piracy I think never gonna stop. Is too strong the influence and even who make controls of piracy and judges for piracy do piracy. We all do this! And it won't stop it's spreading like a virus:)