Processing Emails

December 25, 2006 10:31am CST
I have been seeing hundreds of promos where they claim that we can earn $10, 25 or $25 per emails we process and almost invariably everyone of them has a startup fees of anything from $10 to $50 for training materials. The claim is that it is very easy and we will be paid for every email we process. Am not able to find out the truth, the earnings they claim is so huge and tempting that it is not possible not to join, but dont know if they are genuine or not as there are so many scams. Can anybody throw any light on this venture? somebody who paid the fees and also if he could really earn the claimed amount (upto $300 daily). For my part I would be happy if I could earn even $300 monthly ! There is another website which seems to come up again and again. Any views pl.
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• United States
25 Dec 06
These are all scams by my knowledge and there is no reason to pay someone to "process emails". The entire premise does not make any sense.