Are you interested in stocks, finance or business?

December 25, 2006 10:35am CST
I look forward to set of people who could join or commence a managed interests with regard to business, finance and stocks. I love them and I do posses lot of information in this regard. If any one has any doubt about equities and derivatives, you could ask for my help. I used to trade in Equities, Stock options, stock futures, other derivatives like index futures and index options. I invest in other financial instruments like bond, g-secs, treasury instruments,etc. I am interested in economics based discussions too. If you find any topics in this regard, try to communicate the same. I will join. Respond to this discussion otherwise. We could discuss about it.
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• Japan
26 Jan 07
hi, i am very interested in all these stocks,finance,business.particularly in stocks.but i have no knowledge in brother has more knowledge in all we also deal in some stocks,in buying and selling stocks,with the help of my brother.he also experienced a father also have a knowledge in,we got more interests in it.
• India
28 Jan 07
Hey! If you are interested in Indian stock index Nifty, you could get good piece of information about it in I am regularly following it, as a trader in Indian Stock market. It provides Technical analysis for Indian stocks and indices. I made good profits by buying the stocks recommended in the said blog. You could find few good quality stocks to buy, every day, in 'STOCKS TO WATCH'. As I follow it regularly and purchased stocks based on the advice, I made fantastic profits. I seldom found a stock failed in the recommended stocks. Actually I used to view many websites providing views based on Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis,etc. to buy stocks, derivatives (futures, options, etc.),etc. But I found more useful than others, since it matches my profile and the stocks bought based on the recommendation providing maximum returns than any other.
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• South Africa
8 Feb 07
I am interested in trade and commodity finance and need to know where to get a better understanding of it and the risks invloved. Can you help please
• India
24 Feb 07
Fine. Search for a technical outlook on commodities, equities, derivatives, stock markets, commodity markets, technical analysis, chart patterns, some good commentaries and posts on various topics you are interested. If you like to trade in commodity market you could concentrate on gold. Gold prices move well with technical analysis. So it would be safe. My advise is go long(Purchase) on gold, whenever you get a good break out or outlook for gold. As a commodity, which could become scarce within decades, its price would zoom higher and higher in the years to come. This is a long term outlook. Buy systematic buying strategy. Divide your available fund into 5 or 10 parts and use them to buy gold systematically in every dip. If there is no dip or just few dips, enjoy profit, whenever you find a technical top. Gold prices move with dollar or crude mostly. But sometimes it may not do so. So be cautious if someone advises you to buy gold based on dollar movement and crude movement alone. Fibbonacci works well with gold. Examine it. You can use it as one of the technical tools.
@kadugudi (200)
• India
7 Feb 07
I do have such interests....
• India
24 Feb 07
If you have an doubt regarding stocks, equity, derivatives-futures and options, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, etc., feel free to ask me. As a regular trader I watch Indian stock markets and index regularly. I earned decent money by following the tips to buy stocks in a blog. If you are interested follow the stocks mentioned in STOCKS TO WATCH section of The stocks that are mentioned in the STOCKS TO WATCH section seldom failed. But you should not have more greed. If you buy a stock mentioned in the said section, you should exit it when you earn some decent return (around 5%-10%) and buy some other stock mentioned in the same column(buy the latest stock). If you follow this principle you can earn sure.
• United States
1 Feb 07
Hi,, i am looking for a stock charting system for options,, like where to buy and sell
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