iPod - increasing Mac users?

@GinFin (59)
December 25, 2006 5:29pm CST
Will Apple be more certain of it's market (selling pc's, etc) because of the rising iPod-generation? Or is it just that iPod-machine that seduces everyone?
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@ratburn (939)
• Philippines
14 Mar 07
most mac users start out as being ipod users. they are introduced to the Apple products and soon they realize that apple products are indeed very user-friendly, worth it and nice to look at as well. i personally started out as an ipod owner. at that time i didn't know anything about apple products. i love music and was looking for a music player. came across the ipod and bought it. after a couple of months, i had the need to buy a laptop. since i liked iTunes and the ipod, i thought maybe the apple laptop was worth looking into as well. i bought a powerbook and fell in love with it. 2 years have past and i'm on my second mac. Apple can be certain that the mac community is growing. with the sales of the ipod rising, more and more people are switching to the mac platform specially now you can run both windows and mac in one powerful machine.
• Hong Kong
26 Dec 06
Apple is get more popular and popular because of it's ipod and computer products.They are earning more and more market share from the pc markets because their product meet everybody standard and come with a state of art design,so actually in 2006 they earn quite a lot of market share in the us laptop market.