What Did You Get For Christmas?

@jess368 (3368)
United States
December 25, 2006 5:57pm CST
First off, Merry Christmas! Ok so what did you get? this was the first year i havent lived at home, so i went to my mom's house last night and stayed until about an hour ago. it was hard leaving my moma's house on Christmas. i only live 30 minuets away, but it seems like a life time. moving out is hard, but its even harder when i am coming home to an empty house on Christmas night. My roomate is at her boyfriends house (she hasnt come home in about 6 weeks) and my boyfriend is in California with his sister and mom. i will be all alone until 1:00 wednsday morning! i didnt think it was going to be this hard! Ok now that im done with that i'll tell you what i got. i got some perfume, penut butter, a porcline dool, a super soft robe, and the best thing... A Laptop!!!! i was so excited! i cant wait to use it for school! well anyways, the rest of my family will be going to my grandparents house tomorrow, so i will go for a while, who knows maybe i will get another great gift. ok i really wanna know what you got! Before any christian says anythign about gifts, let me say this. we did also celebrate Jesus birthday, and as my preacher says (which i fully agree) giving gifts is Christ like, therefore its ok to talk about your gifts!
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