Do You Have Trouble Accepting Other People's Clutter?

@2bepink (126)
United States
December 25, 2006 9:11pm CST
I have a phobia to clutter. I absolutely hate clutter, disorganization of any kind and have trouble understanding why other people can't be as organized and as neat as I am. I can't stand walking into someone's house and having to step over things or move things off of the furniture just so I can sit down. I have honestly tried over the years to be more accepting of others like this but I still have trouble. I have those in my family who are so messy and I just don't get it. I don't understand why someone will leave their sink pile up with dirty dishes for days, why laundry is left go until there are no more clean clothes in the house. Does anyone else hate clutter and mess as much as I do?
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@b0nkers (88)
• Philippines
26 Dec 06
I am not that organized a person--I have my fair share of clutter. Unfortunately, I have learned to accept MY disorganization, but can't seem to accept my sisters'! I hate seeing our room filled with her paperwork that she doesn't need anymore, her bags and clothes flung around the beds, and all her other stuff! I think she even has the useless Christmas presents from last year piled up in a corner of the room! Argh!
@2bepink (126)
• United States
26 Dec 06
Hi! I have an in-law who just does not do anything at her house. She has a diswasher, yet her sink is always full of dirty dishes because she doesn't put away the clean ones in the dishwasher! I mean it is just crazy! In this situation it isn't just a case of being unorganized, it is just plain laziness.
@luolei (166)
26 Dec 06
yes ,i think you are right,can you tell me what can i do ?