Do fundamental Christians got it all wrong?

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December 25, 2006 9:56pm CST
Are fundamental Christians misguided in their thinking. Is the bible a literal book that should be taken in the literal sense without exception? Is there such a place as heaven? Is Jesus the "only son of God"? Do all the pieces of the puzzle fit together or are there still some elementary questions unanswered with the fundamental christian beliefs? Is it still appropriate to fear God? If the cornerstones of Christianity is to love, then why do they judge those with differing beliefs from their own? Is it possible their is one God, but many paths? Is it possible that the bible was written as a tool to fit the agenda's of the writers? Is it possible that idioms of the original language was misinterpreted to fit the agenda of the interpreters? Aren't we ALL children of GOD?
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@shooie (4985)
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27 Dec 06
This could be answered with a question...Does the New Age people have it wrong? Or does budda people have it wrong? or do so and so have it wrong? I use to tell my friends that wanted to get in religious debates and things all the time when I was in high school and even after that I would tell the people it isn't the name over the door it's who you serve. Really I guess we'll find out in the end