Are TV serials / movies affecting us in our real life ?

@muralimn (535)
United Arab Emirates
December 25, 2006 10:10pm CST
Do TV serials or movies really affect us? If yes then, in what way and how we can overcome that?
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• India
26 Dec 06
i know it affects one life psychologically, every bad thing that you see on tv is stored in your brain , we dont have any delete command to remove it from brain, so it has its impact for long time , i can tell you .. the young girls who watch STAR PLUS channel (in india) will have the miserable life with there spouses , because they have stored many dirty things from that channel, if your daughter watches suct OPERA like KAHANI GHAR GHAR KI , SAAS BAHI , KASHISH ... ANY ONE FROM ALL K's then you should cut the dish connection from your house , because i saw there are many dirty things which is there , that may be stored permanently in the brain ... so .... think again .... ban such serials ... at least boycott it...
@exchange (949)
• Australia
26 Dec 06
to many people there are no actors on tv these people believe that the caracter is the real person and that what is on tv is that persons real life so i would say that yes tv does affect quite a lot of people, especialy people who cannot diferenciate fact from fiction