How to Forgot a Friend who Lived with Me and Disappeared one day

December 25, 2006 10:54pm CST
This is a real incident which occured through my lives. I was doing my job in one metro city.A friend of mine who worked in my previous company came to the same city. He joined in another company there. We lived there.Enjoyed by roaming and watching movies. Then I came back to my native town by asking Transfer. I was busy in my work for around 1 month. I didn't catch with him up for almost a month due to work pressure. Then I tried calling him. There's no response. So called one of our mutual friend and asked hime. Then he told me that "He has met with a accident " Now he's no more in this world. I was unable to digest this. He still in my mind. Can anyone give me advice on how to cope up with this issue.
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