Artificial Intelligence

December 26, 2006 2:47am CST
Nowadays, technology is developing at a very high speed . Every year the number of technological products are growing higher and higher.Every day new technological products are launched, new companies are launched. Evey day new ads are to be seen on TVs, websites, newspapers, etc. Technology is occupying more and more space in our daily life. The 'technological competitiveness' is also growing. Even very smalll businesses now have at least a website. Our professional and personal life is being more and more dependent on technology. There are also social networking sites which also allow us to socialize. Young people(teens mainly) love to show off their gadgets.They believe being techy will make them look 'cool'.And indeed people really like 'tech people' better than 'non-techy' ones.In fact it can be saind that technology is growing with it's demand. Since a long time ago people have imagined the creation of humanoid robots. Fiction stories contain them. Almost all children will find it interesting to imagine such a robot. Now researchers and scientists are trying to build this type of robot which will be able to think, reason ....and do all the things a human brain can do.There has been little success in it. Machines were created a long time ago and in this time they have gradually grew so complex yet affordable that they have become parts of our lives. But still now , the actins of the machines are dependent on our desicion. Humans are capable of building only a few machines that are capable of decision making. But there are artificial bots made that can converse exactly like a human. So, what does artificial intelligence exactly mean? Well, Artificial Intelligence(AI) is a type of intelligence that has been created artificially by a human being. Well, AI researchers suggest the ultimate robot that will be able to think, learn and decide will soon be built. And they also suggest that these machines will be more efficient in most jobs than us, humans. Today, thousands of computers are technology based and hundreds of companies are trying to build the truly artificial intelligent being.Which company will build it barely matters to us, the general public. What really matters is whether the intelligent creature will be built or not. And the possibilities are that it will be built very soon.And after the creation won't man be equal to God. After all isn't God just an entity which created 'life'. But after the creation of the robot will mankind be benefited. Maybe, the machine would have thoughts that it should be free from us then later have ideas of enslaving us . They may start dominating us. We will be helpless as they will have more memory, strength,etc. Robots will take over and our turn of dominating this world will be over. Be it in simple silicon chips or something more the creation of this robot will have big impact on the life of mankind. The impact may be good or bad. If it is good it is okay but if in case it is bad then mankind is in the verge iof it's on destruction. There is a large risk in the creation of this robot but as human beings have a habit of trying out everuthing maybe he will build the machine,gladly switch it on. And then the switch is never turned off. Let us, the public only hope that the creation will be fruitful to us.
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