December 26, 2006 2:57am CST
Photoreading is a method of storing photographs of pages so that it can be later used. This method was first developed by Paul Sheele. 1. Prepare A light Hypnotic State (semi-unconscious) is induced upon oneself to enter an Accelerated Learning State. An area is located that makes you feel comfortable. A set time is created to complete the process, such as allocating the time necessary to preview for 4-8 minutes and photoread for 20-40 minutes. 2. Preview a broad generalized understanding of the books structure as well as what it offers is identified by reading the index and appendix as well as glancing at every 20 pages of a book. Trigger words or words that you believe carry special meaning or that are completely foreign, are kept track of while previewing every 20 pages to aid in understanding the structure of the book as well as concepts the book aims to teach. Previewing is done during a semi-unconscious state. 3. Photoread By mentally photographing each page at 1 page per second in a light hypnotic state, the unconscious mind processes, organizes and stores the information to be "activated" at a later time. To create a different reading experience and because photoreading is done unconsciously users are encouraged to Photoread not only from front to back, but also from back to front (last page to first page) and if the reader is feeling adventurous they can photoread a book upside down and backwards. To show the ability of Photoreading and to better become accustomed to it, participants are highly encouraged to Photoread an entire collegiate dictionary and access words from stored mental images Photoreading is done during a semi-unconscious state 4. Activate after photoreading a book and allowing between 20 minutes to one day for the unconscious mind to process all the information, the reader begins to peruse through the book to "fill in" the details and concepts missed by the preview and photoread steps. The reader "fills in" details by asking questions of what the book could teach, creating mind maps, scanning (glancing) down pages and dipping (reading normally) paragraphs that stand out or Skittering (reading at angles instead of horizontally) each paragraph. The Activate portion as well as the rapid read portion of photoreading are done consciously rather than semi-unconsciously. 5. Rapid Read The reader is allowed to read the book normally at a faster rate, i.e. Speed Read the book.
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• South Africa
17 Jan 07
hey dude did you go on this course already, may you give me more tips and will you tell me where i may buy a second hand book if possible, in south africa currency is low so the book or the self study course seems heavy for me to buy. and my family is not on a good financial state.
• Nepal
18 Jan 07
maybe you can buy it on ebay
@JackBravo (970)
• United States
27 Feb 07
I've done the book, but haven't done the actual course. I think the course is a few hundred dollars. I think either way that it takes a lot of practice to do it right, and still, you've got to be totally confident of your skills. Or else you cause yourself a mental block that won't allow you to remember the information.