How do I confront a work colleague who is a bully.

December 26, 2006 3:19am CST
A woman I work with has subtly been bullying two other women I work with. Her comments are very condescending and she makes these two women feel as if they are incapable of doing their jobs properly. I have supported them to stand up to her, but why should they be made to feel they have to change when she is the bully. I feel that maybe the boss needs to be informed as everyone knows its going on but will not say anything. Should I say something or let the two women do it themselves. Please give me some advise. I hate the injustice which is happening. This women needs to be confronted.
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27 Dec 06
I think the best thing do is tell your boss what was going on and let them handle it.But your 2 friends should stand up for themselves too.People will not abuse you if you dont allow them.I hope that,that mean woman gets what she deserves.
28 Dec 06
Thanks for your suggestions. I think the 2 women need to do this. I am always the one at work who speaks out and many a time I am not backed up. I think if I do it without the 2 women as well I could see them backing down. Cheers!!!
@ashiflett (1045)
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26 Dec 06
Do not confront the bully, go straight to HR...