Warrior descussion. My thoughts

December 26, 2006 4:18am CST
Hello, I come to you today to talk to you about the class Warrior. In this post I basically want to voice my opinions on the class’s workings in the world. How it fairs against other class’s and the roll it has in PVP and PVE. In short, I am going to beat a dead horse, but in a not so QQ type way. PVE. A warrior in PVE is meant to be a meet shield. The class is sap post to fill the roll of the tank in any group situation. With this in mind it is the only class in the game with ability’s designed to generate the highest amount of threat. Also it is one of the two class’s in the game that wears plate armor, granting a huge amount of armor vs. physical attacks, allowing for it to be that meet shield.Now, being the “tank” in a group type situation, it would not be fair to the overall game play and class balance if the warrior could also deal large amounts of damage, so their damage is low on the scale of who hit’s the hardest in the game. Which I personally have no problems with at all. I agree that if a warrior is going to take the brunt of the blows and stand his ground while his group backs him up with DPS and heals there is no reason for him to do large amounts of damage. Soloing. A warrior can solo fairly well, like all class’s. Provided you’re sticking to humanoids for the cloth to bandage your self, or keep a bit of food in your bag you can grind mobs almost none stop. If you are geared well enough it is even easier. Strengths. A warriors strengths are his armor and damage. Being able to have large amounts of armor in a game based on gear and damage helps a lot. Being one of the two class’s in the game that can have this type of armor helps even more, and being able to deal a decent amount of damage helps too. When a warrior is specked right he can deal quite a bit of damage and they have been known to 1-3 shot people of lower armor ratings. How we deal damage. We deal our damage through melee, or physical attacks. We are allowed to do this by using rage. We naturally have 0 rage, and gain it threw taking damage and dealing damage. The harder a warrior is hit the more rage he gains weather it be from magical or physical damage. And the harder we hit the more rage we gain. We naturally gain more rage from doing, then receiving damage. This is all working as intended. In a PVE game the class is fine. A warrior can tank, solo, and deal damage well, with almost any talent build provided they play the class correctly.
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@xtedaxcvg (3190)
• Philippines
5 Jan 07
Warriors rule man! But they're a dying breed since players often roll dpsers and healers. Dungeon runs and Guild raids wouldn't survive without our good 'ol warriors tanking. I say buff the warrior class up and let the good times roll again!
• United States
3 Jan 07
Great post!! It's nice to see someone try to sort through the Warrior's attributes. I have a warrior pal who constantly complains the warriors have not been dealt a "fair hand" in terms of abilities in the game. I'm drawn to casters -- I am Warlock; I am Shaman; and I am Mage at present; with priest waiting in the wings on the leveling ladder -- so I am unable to comment on the finer points of warriors' abilities. However, I LOVE my warriors!!! They are a breed apart, and the game wouldn't be the same without them!! I tend to "put my warrior" pals through the paces to learn what they can handle and what they can't before I run an instance with them. Obviously, a protection spec'd warrior is ideal, but they are not always in great supply. So, I make it my business to learn their individual abilities and I adjust my "casting" style to accommodate the spec of the warrior. Let's face it, I (whether as Lokaine, the Shaman, or Lokabanco, the Mage, and certainly, Desireea, the Warlock) cannot survive the hits a plate-wearer takes. So, in my book, Warriors Rule!!!!
• Italy
31 Dec 06
Well i agree with you. I love to tank man, so..
• Brazil
28 Dec 06
well, warrior is good only if have some GOOD equipment... but for PvP i dont think about make a warrior, i like Warrior for PvE... Warrior have ONLY ONLY dps and armor... he dont have 'control' of combat, like a frost mage, or a shaman...
@ezzrssi (11193)
• Italy
26 Dec 06
wow long tread